How to Recommend a Movie or Show to a Friend in Netflix

Netflix is a top rated online video streaming website. It allows users to view a wide range of TV series and feature films. It has award winning TV series, movies and even documentaries from various genres. It started nearly 20 years ago and now it is widespread among 190 countries and counting.
Netflix uses a very trained algorithm that helps you to watch new videos based on your viewing history. Now say that you liked a video and wanted to share it with your friends and family. You can either send a link to them on any texting app or Netflix has got your back too. Here’s how to Recommend a Movie or Show to a Friend in Netflix.

1. Open 'Netflix' on Android on iOS device
Netflix doesn’t support sharing directly a show or movie through the website anymore.
Download the app here. Once installed, 'Open' and 'Sign in' with your Netflix 'Email ID'and 'Password'.

2. Open your 'Account' that you want to share the video from.
If you have signed in to another account then sign out and chose the account you want to sign in from.

3. Tap the 'Share' icon to enable sharing through Apps
This happens only on your device, such as text message, email, or social or messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

4. Select the 'App' you wish to share with and then complete the sharing.

Now you and your friend both can watch the movie or show that you recommended him or her.
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