How to Record an Android Tablet Screen Without Rooting

Perhaps you need to film an Android tutorial for a family member, or maybe you want to capture a record-breaking round in your favorite game. There are several reasons why you may want to capture video of your Android screen for later use. The following steps will allow you to do so without rooting your tablet.

Step 1
Head to the Google Play store and download the Android app called Recordable. It costs $1.99, but will allow you to capture video of your tablet screen without rooting and with minimal effort from you. To many Android tablet users, that convenience is worth the two bucks.

Step 2
Once you’ve downloaded the app, play around with Recordable and get used to recording videos while switching between apps. The program is fairly easy to use, but it’s worth it to get used to everything before you try to use it to seriously capture a video. You can also get a quick sense of how to upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms right from the Recordable app.

Step 3
A minor annoyance with the Recordable app is that you need to reinstall it every time you reboot your tablet. In other words, if you’re someone who turns their tablet off every night, then you might want to look for an alternative method. You will also need to connect your device to a computer to install the program if your device is not rooted.

Finding solutions for capturing video on your Android tablet without rooting the device has long been an exercise in futility. Now, though, with these steps and an easy download of the Recordable app, you will be able to share Android video like a pro!

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