How to Record your iPhone Screen in OS X Yosemite

One of the coolest features with the new Yosemite update to Mac OS X is that you can record video of your iPhone or iPad screen using your Mac computer. Use the steps below to take advantage of this brand new feature.

Step 1
Make sure your two devices are running the right software. Your iPhone/iPad needs to be updated to the latest version of iOS 8, while your laptop or desktop needs to be a Mac with new Yosemite up installed.

Step 2
Plug your mobile device into your computer via USB cable, then open QuickTime Player on your computer from the Launchpad.

Step 3
Once QuickTime is open, select the “File” dropdown menu from the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Step 4
Click the “New Movie Recording” option from the dropdown. A recording box will open on your computer and your webcam will likely boot up.

Step 5
In the recording controls box, click the down-facing arrow to open a new dropdown menu. You should be able to select your mobile device as the “Camera” here. You’ll also need to choose a microphone. Once you’ve done this, you can simply hit the red record button and video from your phone’s screen will be saved on your computer!

Perhaps you want to capture a record-breaking run at your favorite mobile game, or maybe you want to send a tutorial video to a family member. Either way, Yosemite and iOS 8 make it easier than ever to record video of your iPhone or iPad screen!

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