Question Possible to record line out headphone?

Aug 27, 2021
I'm afraid I'm not very technical so I'm hoping someone might be able to help me and spell it out what I might need to make this work. Situation is this:

I have an iPad mini.
I have a pair of PC headphones with separate mic and headphone leads which I put into a Sennheiser audio adaptor which I plug into the iPad Mini.
I have a Samsung S8 that I could potentially use to record sound.

My goal is to be able to screen record video conferencing. The problem is that iOS will allow live screen capture, but will not include sound.
I want to be able to keep the sound coming through the headset as I need that, but I wonder if there is a way to split the sound from the headphone jack so that I could route it into my Samsung phone to record separately (and use a video editing software to pair it up later) while simultaneously still being able to listen and speak through the plugged in mic. I hope this makes some sense.
Would be so grateful if someone could tell me if this is possible at all and if so, what do I need to purchase to make it work?
Thanks a lot.


Sep 6, 2020
Honestly, NO I don't understand. But I can tell you that running a line level audio out into a MIC input, will overload that input.
It may well blow the MIC input. You could try to match the audio output to the Mic input with a resistor network, but trying to get that across
to a non technical person, (And this would require the right resistors, and soldering skills) is not something I would want to get into.
Maybe another Electrical Engineer like myself, or a electronic technician would be willing to jump in. This is something called impedance matching,
and probably a adjustable stereo pot to get the right levels. Nothing simple about this one, and I doubt there is a ready made one to buy.

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