Question Turntable not connecting to receiver

Feb 14, 2024
I have been looking at other forums but can't seem to figure this one out. I am setting up my uncle's old turntable, the JVC L-AX3. He previously had it connected to a receiver (Kenwood KR-V5570), which I have tried to connect it to. I have also tried connecting it to another receiver (Onkyo TX-8222). In both cases, I can hear the sound from the turntable but it isn't connecting to either receiver in phono mode.

The turntable doesn't have a line/phono switch, so I know it's possible I need a preamp, but I assume it worked previously with his receiver. I also read of someone else using this turntable with only a receiver so assume I wouldn't need a preamp (they also look like a very expensive purchase to try.)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Do I need to consider trying the preamp or are there other things I can try first?