How to Remove Your Credit Card Information from Chrome

Google Chrome has a built-in Auto-fill feature that automatically saves the form details that you type on any website for the first time. For example, if you open any website that requires your personal details such as your email address, postal address, etc., Google Chrome automatically saves your information which becomes handy when it comes to populating the same kinds of fields on the other websites.

Although Google Chrome saves the generic and publicly distributable information, sometimes you may also manually save your credit card details so that you do not have to type the whole credit card number and its expiration date again and again every time you want to make the payments.


This kind of practice might be appropriate when you are using the computer at your home, and you are sure that no one else will be accessing your PC in your absence or even in your presence. This practice is certainly never advisable when the computer is used by many people at home, and especially at your workplace. If, however, you have accidentally or unknowingly saved your credit card information on the Google Chrome, you can simply erase that kind of data from the web browser with just a few mouse clicks.

The below process explains you how to remove your credit card information from the Google Chrome web browser:

    ■Log on to the computer on which the Google Chrome has saved your credit card information. Make sure that you use the username and password of the account using which the credit card information was provided in the Google Chrome web browser and was saved.

    ■After logging on, initialize the Google Chrome program by double-clicking its icon.

    ■On the opened window, from the top right corner, click the settings button (the button with a few horizontal lines).

    ■From the displayed menu, click the Settings option.


    ■On the opened Settings page, scroll down and click the Show advanced settings option.

    ■From the now-available options, under the Passwords and forms section, ensure that the Enable Auto-fill to fill in web forms in a single click checkbox is checked, and click the Manage Auto-fill settings option.


    ■On the opened Auto-fill settings box, under the Credit cards section, click the X button representing the credit card information that is to be deleted.


    ■Once deleted, click Done to close the Auto-fill settings box.

    ■Close the Settings page and restart Google Chrome to allow the changes to take effect.

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