How to Reset System Management Controller on Your MacBook


Your Mac is one of the most robust systems out there, but there are times it might act up. If your Mac is crashing randomly, not responding well to sleep/power off commands, the interface is slowing down, or the display is having issues, you need to reset the System Management Controller (SMC).
Follow these steps to learn how.

How to Reset System Management Controller on MacBook

1. Turn Off Your MacBook
Turn off your MacBook. You can only reset SMC as your system boots up.

2. Unplug MacBook
Unplug your MacBook from the power socket. This will allow the system to understand your reset command when you boot up.

3. Hold 'Reset' Keys with 'Power Button'
Press and hold the ‘Shift’, ‘Option’, and ‘Control’ keys along with the ‘Power Button’ for about 10 seconds. Your MacBook SMC will be reset.

4. Turn on Your ‘MacBook’
Turn on your MacBook by pressing the power button as usual. The SMC will have been reset by the time you boot up the system.

How to Reset System Management Controller on iMac.
1. Unplug the ‘Power Cord’
Unplug the power cord behind your iMac to begin the process of resetting the iMac SMC. Unplugging is necessary to reset any Mac device with a power button.
Before unplugging, make sure the iMac is turned off.

2. Hold ‘Power Button’
Press and hold the ‘Power button’ on your iMac for about 10 seconds. The SMC in your iMac device will be reset.

3. Turn on ‘Your Mac’
Plug the power cable in your iMac and turn it on. As it boots up, the iMac SMC will be reset.

After following these steps, your Mac Systems Management Controller will be reset.