How to Reset Your Touch ID Settings on MacBook Pro

The Touch ID settings on MacBook Pro are very efficient and help you unlock your computer and complete payments at speed. But Touch ID can stop responding at times, or you may get messages saying the fingerprint limit has been reached. Follow these simple steps to solve these problems.

1. Open 'Recovery Mode'
Turn on your Mac by pressing the Power button/Touch ID while simultaneously pressing the 'Control', 'Shift', and 'R' keys on the keyboard. Once the Apple logo appears, release the 'Power Button', but keep holding the other keys until you get into Recovery mode. A screen asking for your preferred language will pop up.

2. Choose 'Language'
Choose your 'Preferred Language'. The 'Recovery Mode' screen will appear after this.

3. Open 'Terminal'
Click on 'Utilities' on the top right Menu of the Recovery screen. From the pop-up, select 'Terminal'. Your Mac 'Terminal' will open.

4. Enter 'Erase Code'
Type in 'xartutil --erase-all' in the Terminal and hit 'Enter'. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Type in 'Yes' and press 'Enter'. This will remove your Touch ID data.
After erasing your Touch ID data, close the Terminal in Recovery mode.

5. 'Restart' Your Mac
'Restart' your MacBook and allow it to start normally. Log into your account. Now you will be able to set up your fingerprint ID from scratch. There will not be any pop-up saying the fingerprint limit has been reached as all data was cleared from the registry.

After following the above steps, your MacBook Touch ID will be reset.