How to Restore Deleted Items on OneDrive

While using OneDrive and uploading or moving around files, you might accidentally delete a file. Don’t panic when this happens. With OneDrive, whether it’s the website or on your computer, you can restore the deleted files by visiting your Recycle Bin.

Step 1: From the OneDrive website, you can click the Recycle Bin at the bottom of the left pane to access your deleted files. To restore everything in the bin, click “Restore all.” If you want to permanently delete everything in the bin, click “Empty recycle bin.”

You can individually restore or permanently delete your files by clicking their check boxes. If your Recycle Bin is full, older items will expire after three days. If not, items in the Recycle Bin will permanently delete after one year.

Step 2: In Windows or using the OneDrive app, you can restore your files by going to your computer’s Recycle Bin. The files will stay there until you empty the bin, unless your bin is full. Double click the Recycle Bin on your desktop or enter it in the address bar in File Explorer.

Restore files in the Recycle Bin like you would on the website. Above the files, you should see a few icons that allow you to empty the bin, restore all items or restore selected items. You can perform these actions on OneDrive files as well as other files on your computer.