How to Retrieve the Follow Option on Facebook Using Android

With the help of Facebook's ‘Follow’ option, people can watch your activities even if they are not added to your Facebook friend list.

When a new Facebook profile is created, the ‘Follow’ feature is disabled. This means that other Facebook users can only send you friend requests or personal messages in your inbox.

Because of the default settings, no one can follow you, so no one will be able to receive your public posts as newsfeed in their timeline (all of your public posts will still be visible to any Facebook user who visits your profile).

In order to allow people to follow you on Facebook, you must enable the ‘Follow’ feature by going to your Facebook account settings.

You can enable the ‘Follow’ option on your Facebook profile both from a desktop/laptop computer, or using your Android smartphone.

Here’s how you can enable the ‘Follow’ option on your Facebook profile using your Android mobile phone:

    ■Turn on your Android phone.
    ■Tap the Menu button to go to the apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the Facebook app icon.

    ■To sign-in to your Facebook account, provide the details in the appropriate fields and tap the Log In button.

    ■Once the News Feed page opens up, tap the More button to go to the More page.

    ■Scroll down the page, and tap the Account Settings under the HELP & SETTINGS section.

    ■Once the Settings window opens up, tap the Followers category.

    ■From the opened Follower Settings page, choose the Public option to retrieve the follow button on your Facebook timeline.