How to Run Windows Software on a MacBook Pro

Windows based PCs have always been the primary choice of a lot of users due to the vast array of software and applications available for the platform and also the ease of access. However, what the MacBook provides is a whole new level of speed computing and also a variety of features and shortcuts which makes using a PC a lot more fun. Want the best of both worlds? Follow the steps below to learn and successfully install a Windows software on your MacBook Pro.

Step 1
First thing you need to do is ensure that all external devices such as USB drives, or external hard disks etc. are unplugged.

Step 2
Next you are going to need the ‘64 Bit ISO file for the Windows OS’. This can be found at the official website of Microsoft.

Step 3
Go to your list of applications and open the app called ‘Bootcamp’. Tick the box titled ‘Create a Windows 8 or later Version Install Disk’ then click on the 'Continue' button.

Step 4
You will be asked to choose a file. Select the ‘ISO File’ which you downloaded.

Step 5
On the next page you will notice a slider, which you can move around to decide how much space the Windows compartment of your PC will have. Give it a good enough space.

Step 6
Click the ‘Install’ button and enter your ‘Administrator Password’ when asked.

Step 7

The installation will begin, and once it ends your system will ‘Reboot’.
Step 8
When the reboot ends you will be provided the two segments you created during the process, choose the one titled ‘Windows’.

Step 9
Now you should be able to install any Windows software on your MacBook Pro.
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