How to Set a Keyboard Shortcut for Siri on Your MacBook Pro

Siri is smarter than ever, and its effectiveness on iPhones and iPads are well known. Apple has taken serious steps in making Siri more useful in MacBooks too, which is why there’s a keyboard shortcut for it on your MacBook Pro.
The default shortcut is to Press and Hold 'Command + Space'. If that doesn’t suit you, you can set it to any key combination you want – and this is how to do it.

1. Open 'System Preferences'
Click on the ‘Apple’ logo and select ‘System Preferences’. The System Preference dialog box will open.

2. Select 'Siri'
Click on 'Siri' in the 'System Preference' dialog box. It will be towards the bottom of the icons displayed. The 'Siri Settings' screen will appear.

3. Click on 'Keyboard Shortcut'
Select the drop-down list under the ‘Keyboard Shortcut’ tag in the dialog box. A drop-down list will appear with the pre-assigned keys for the Siri keyboard shortcut. They include Hold ‘Command Space, Hold 'Option Space’, and Press ‘Fn (Function) Space’.
You can choose any of these or assign your own customized shortcut.

4. Customize 'Keyboard Shortcut'
Select the ‘Customize’ option in the drop-down list under the Keyboard shortcut tag.
Enter the key combination of your choice. Mac will register this in the system and you will be able to use it to summon Siri from now on. If Siri is not responding, follow the below step to enable it.

5. Check if 'Siri' is Enabled
If your keyboard shortcuts are not responding, you can check whether Siri is enabled on your MacBook Pro. In the ‘Siri settings screen' you have already opened, check the ’Enable Ask Siri’ box on the left of the screen. When the confirmation pop-up appears, select ’Enable’.

Your keyboard shortcut for Siri is now set up.