How to Set Mailbox to Auto-Swipe

Mailbox is based on swipe gestures to help you hit inbox zero. If you want your email to delete and archive itself, Mailbox developed an auto-swipe feature. This allows the app to remember your actions on certain emails and contacts, after which it will learn your behavior and repeat it automatically. If you want to set Mailbox to auto-swipe, here is how to set it up:

1. On top of your message or conversation thread, you will find different action icons which represent delete, archive, list, or schedule. Long press any of these action icons to activate the auto swipe.


2. If you want Mailbox to handle a specific email or contact in the future, simply long press one of the action buttons.

3. After that, a pop-up prompt will appear asking you to confirm the action not only at that time, but also in the future.