How to set up an Xbox One controller with the Oculus Rift


When you decide to connect your Xbox One Controller to your Windows PC you can choose to do that wirelessly or by cable. So you can have the opportunity to play games on your computer you just need to pair it with one of the two ways. This tutorial will guide you how to successfully finish the setup for your Xbox One controller with your Oculus Rift. This are the steps you will need to take to setup your Xbox One Controller :

1. How to Setup the Xbox One Controller in wireless mode

  • ■ First connect your USB wireless adapter to any available port for USB
    ■ If you have problem with your USB port use the USB extender, that is already included. This way your wireless will go smooth without interference.
    ■ Make the connection with the wireless adapter and the USB extender and then plug in the USB extender in the port for USB.
    ■ Put the AA batteries in the battery bay of the controller.
    ■ Press the Xbox button on the controller until you see that the lights are on.
    ■ On your wireless adapter you will see a sync button, press it and then hold it for a little while so you can pair the controller with the wireless adapter.
    ■ The light you will see on your Xbox controller shows the pairing status, this way you will know if the Xbox controller and the wireless adapter are successfully paired
    ■ If the light flashes slowly then the pairing is not successful
    ■ If the light flashes rapidly than the pairing is still in progress
    ■ If the light is solid than you are finished
If the region you live in has any kind of restriction for using wireless adapters, than with your Rift you will get a micro- USB cable

2. You can connect you Xbox Controller to your PC without the need of batteries by using your micro USB cable. The cable is not included in the box. If you decide to use your controller in wired mode than be aware that this way your movements in virtual reality are going to be limited. Do this following steps to setup your Xbox Controller in wired mode:

  • ■ Put your micro USB cable into available USB port on your computer
    ■ Wait for couple of seconds for your computer to detect the Xbox drivers

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