How to Set Up Parental Controls on a Kindle E-Reader

The Kindle e-reader is a great way to have hundreds of books and magazines at your disposal in one easy-to-carry device. It’s great for kids as well, although as a parent you might be concerned about the kind of content your child can view on the device. Kindle has built in parental controls that once activated will restrict the content your children can view on the device.

Step 1
Turn on the device. Once on the Home screen you should hit the Menu button and then go into Settings. If you turn the page you should see and option that says “Parental Controls.” Hit the button that says Set next to this option.

Step 2
Once on this page you can select the “Turn Off” button. This will allow you to require a password to turn off the parental control settings.

Step 3
Enter the password you want to use and then hit the “Submit” button to save your parental control settings. Once you have done this a lock icon should appear at the top of the screen. The device now has parental controls activated and they can only be turned off by someone with the password. Keep the password hidden so that your child cannot find it and turn the controls off themselves.

Kindles are great devices for people of all ages, especially children, but the easy Internet access they allow can be worrisome for parents who don’t want their children exposed to certain things. To fix this issue just go into your Kindle settings, select the Parental Controls option, and set a password to lock the device.