How to Set Up Two-Step Google Verification on Android

When two-step verification for your Google account is enabled, Google sends you a confirmation code to your registered mobile phone number to access Google Services. You must provide the confirmation code in order to sign-in to your Google account from the new device. This provides an extra layer of safety. Even if others have your password, they still need your codes to log in.

In order to enable the two-step verification for a Google account, you must have your mobile number registered with Google.

Using an Android smartphone, here’s how you can setup the two-step verification for your Google account:

    ■Turn on your Android smartphone.
    ■Tap the Menu button to reach the apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the Google Chrome app icon.

    ■Type in the address bar to open the site.
    ■On the Sign in window, enter your Gmail login credentials in the Email and Password fields, and tap the Sign in button.

    ■On the Gmail home screen, tap the Options button (button with three horizontal lines), at the top-left corner in the title bar.

    ■From the opened window, tap the Desktop link from the bottom to go to the desktop version of the website.

    ■From the opened home screen, tap the Settings button (icon with the gear symbol), and tap the Settings option from the displayed list.

    ■Once on the Settings window, tap the Accounts and Import tab.

10. From the Change account settings: section, tap Other Google Account settings.

11. On the Google page that opens up, tap the Security tab from the displayed options.
12. Under the Password section, on the 2-Step Verification option, tap the Setup link.

13. On the Signing in with 2-step verification interface, tap the Start setup button.

14. Once done, on the Please re-enter your password window, provide your Gmail account password in the Password field, and tap the Sign in button.

15. On the Set up your phone interface, provide your active mobile number in the Phone number field.
16. Under the How should we send you codes? section, choose a radio button as per your convenience. (E.g. Text message(SMS) used in this demonstration).
17. Once the fields are populated with the correct values, tap the Send code button.

18. Once done, on the Verify your phone interface, in the available box, type the 6-digit verification code that you received either via text message or voice call from Google.
19. Tap the Verify button when done.

20. On the Trust this computer? screen, tap to check the Trust this computer checkbox, and tap the Next button.

21. Finally, on the Confirm window, tap the Confirm button to enable the 2-step verification for your Google account.

22. Close the Gmail account settings window, and start using your Gmail normally.