How to set up your PS3 Controller for your Windows Laptop

If you want to use a PS3 controller on your Windows laptop, it can be done. You can set up the controller to work through a USB or wirelessly. To set up the controller via USB, you will need to plug in the controller. When you do so, Windows will recognize the controller and attempt to install different drivers. Those drivers will not be enough to make the controller work.

Step 1:
In order to get the PS3 controller to work, you will need to download and install MotioninJoy. MotioninJoy is a tool that will enable the PS3 controller to work with a laptop computer. You will have to visit the MotioninJoy website to access the free download.

Step 2:
Once the program is installed, launch it to get started.

Step 3:
You will then open your Device Manager tab. Make sure the box for your controller is checked. Go ahead and load the driver. Proceed with the installation of the driver even though the driver is unsigned.

Step 4:
You should also download and install better DS3. You can access this free download from the developer.

Step 5:
After completing the driver and tool installations, you can configure your controller. Create a new profile for all of your button configurations. Give the profile a name and save it. You can then set up Bluetooth.