How to Set Up Your Vive Base Stations for Cabled Sync


If you want to place properly your base stations but you are experiencing problems finding the right place for them, or on the place you have put them they can’t see each other than there is another way for you to sync them. If you want to set up your base stations for Cabled Sync than you need to follow this steps:

Step 1. Find the long cable in your box.

  • ■ This cable is the sync cable.
    ■ Make the required connection of the base stations with the sync cable from your box.
Step 2. Press the mode buttons.

  • ■ When you press the mode button that is placed on the back of your stations, the one base stations you have should point “A” and the other base stations should show “b”.
Step 3. If the light on your base station is solid green than you have done everything properly.

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