How to Shoot Slow-Motion Videos In iOS 11

Your iDevice running iOS 11 is capable of shooting slow-motion videos without installing any third-party app. This also eliminates the need of any expensive camera or computer application to add slow-motion effects to the recorded videos.
After recording a slow-motion video, you can even change its section range that should be played in slow-motion, and the remaining portion of the video continues to play at normal speed.
Note: You can manage the slow-motion recording resolution from the Settings > Camera > Record Slo-mo window.
Here’s how you can shoot and manage slow-motion videos in your iOS 11 device:
    Prepare your camera
    Tap Camera from the Home screen, scroll left until you get to the SLO-MO mode. This sets your device to shoot the slow-motion videos.


    Shoot the video
    Focus the camera on the target moving object(s), tap the Record button, and tap Stop Recording when done. When you tap the Record button, the shooting begins, and tapping the Stop Recording button stops the recording, and saves the recorded video file in the Photos > Albums > Slo-mo album.


    Edit the video
    Tap the video thumbnail from the bottom-left corner, tap Edit from the window that opens next, and move the motion brackets away from or toward each other. This increases or decreases the range of the video that should be played in slow-motion respectively. Simply put, any area of the video within the motion brackets would be played in slow-motion, and the range outside the brackets would be played at normal speed.



    Save the changes
    Tap Done from the bottom-right corner. This saves the changes you’ve made to the video.
    Note: The changes can be reverted back by getting back to the Edit window and tapping Revert from the bottom-right corner.

    Preview the video

Tap the Play button on the video thumbnail. This plays the video in slow-motion.