How to Start an Ello Account

Ello is a new social networking website that is famous for being Ad-free. Ello requires you to receive an invitation in order to be welcomed on the site.

Steps to setting up an Ello account:

Step 1:
You will need an invitation code to create an account.
Step 2:
Go to
Step 3:
Enter your email address in the space provided and click “request invitation.”

Step 4:
You can either agree or disagree with their manifesto and share their message on one of your social networking sites to which you are currently a member.

Step 5:
Wait for them to respond to you via email to confirm you invitation request.
Step 6:
Once you have an invitation code enter your code, username, email, and password in the spaces provided.
Step 7:
Register your account.

Recap: Ello is noted to be a “bare bones” site that is still in its Beta phase, but has been increasing in popularity. One of the nice features on Ello is that you can block users from commenting on your posts or even limit your privacy so that only Ello users may see your account.