How to Stream iTunes Content on Roku

Apple applies DRM technology to all content sold by iTunes to protect the originality of the purchase. Files protected by DRM software can only be played by devices compatible with it, i.e. devices made by Apple. Read on to find out how to remove the DRM protection and stream the content you choose.
There are many choices available to perform DRM removal. You should choose the one that inspires trust in you and works best for your situation and needs.

1. Remove the 'DRM Protection' From the Selected File
Using the software, you find most compelling, remove the 'DRM Protection' on the desired iTunes files. Roku supports all files that have media within H.264 AVC, and formats such as .mp4 and .mov. It also supports the not-so-well-known .mkv. You should choose one of these as the output for the media.
There are some media converters that offer an option such as ‘Convert for Roku’.

Using the Roku App for iOS devices

1. Set the 'Roku App' to 'Stream Media'
Choose ‘Play on Roku’ from the screen of your app. Choosing that option turns the iPhone into a wireless streaming unit.
You can choose photos, music or video. The images and videos will bring up your camera roll, along with the content purchased from iTunes and without the DRM protection. Just choose the one you want (with the DRM removed) and enjoy it on a big screen.

Using Plex Media Server app for iOS devices

1. Install the 'Plex Media Server'
Install it on your iOS device, whether is an iPhone, iPad or iMac.
You will now be able to stream iTunes content on your Roku device.

2. Install the 'Plex Media Server' on your Roku Account
Install the same 'Plex Media Server' on your 'Roku Account' and configure it to stream the movies without the DRM protection.
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