How to Subscribe to Subreddits Through Alien Blue

Alien Blue is an app for the social news site, Reddit. The app allows you to browse the community anywhere as long as you're connected to the Internet. Reddit consists of thousands of subreddits; communities based around specific topics. There's a subreddit for almost everything! Follow these steps to use Alien Blue to subscribe to a subreddit:

1. Tap the Alien Blue icon on your phone to launch it. Log in to your account and the app will automatically sync all the information from your account as well as from the subreddits you subscribe to.

2. On the main screen called "Frontpage," you can see all posts made by members of the community. Browse through the stuff you like and you can tap a subreddit to access it and view more details about it.


3. If you want to subscribe, simply tap the Action button at the bottom of your screen. This looks like a little arrow in a square beside the Search button. It will take you to the "Manage Groups" screen. From the options below, tap "Subscribed Reddits" and it's done.