How to Sync Alfred Between Macs

The Alfred productivity app helps make searching for stuff on your computer become second nature. If you are trading your old Mac for a newer model, you will probably want to avoid having to input all of your search settings again. Here’s how to take them with you:


Step 1
Start out on the Mac that has the Alfred settings you want to duplicate. Open the Alfred searchbar, click the gear in the upper right corner to open the Preferences menu, and select the “Advanced” tab.

Step 2
Click the “Set sync folder” button, toward the lower right-hand corner of the window. You will need to choose or create a folder within Dropbox to save your Alfred settings. (Please note that you will need the Powerpack—the version of Alfred that costs money—to sync settings in this manner.)

Step 3

Once Alfred has saved all of your settings and preferences to Dropbox, you can open up the program on your other computer. Follow step 1 again, to return to the Preferences folder and open the Advanced tab. Click the “Set sync folder” button again.

Step 4
Find the Dropbox folder where you saved your Alfred settings, then locate the Alfred.alfredpreferences file and select it. Click “Set folder and restart Alfred” to apply the settings.

Once Alfred has restarted on your new computer, it will have the same settings and preferences as Alfred did on your old computer. From the key combination that opens the search, to the folders that the program looks through on your computer, all of your old preferences should be copied over.

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