How to Sync Contacts Between Apple and Samsung Devices

If you switch phones, you'll probably want to bring your contacts along. If you're switching between ecosystems, it can be tougher.

Using Gmail as a middleman, we'll show you how to sync your contacts between Apple and Samsung's devices.

Opening a Gmail account:
1. Go to Gmail’s homepage from your browser and click on Create an account.
2. On the next page, provide all the necessary information and click on ‘accept the terms & conditions’. Click on sign up.
3. You will get your new Gmail address.

Setting Up on iPhone:
1. Plug in your iPhone to your PC with the help of USB cable.
2. Open iTunes on your PC.

3. Click on “info” tab which will be on the menu bar at the top.

4. After clicking on that you will find an option named – ‘Sync Contacts With”, here select Google contacts.

5. Type in your Google account details on the popup window. From now on your Gmail account is linked with your iPhone. And your contacts will be backed up on your Gmail account.
6. For some more extra s, Sign in to your Gmail account from your browser.
7. Click on the down arrow which is next to Gmail option from the top left corner of the page & then select contacts.

8. Click on ‘more’

9. Click on ‘merge Contacts’
10. Now if you want to find duplicate contacts you should click on ‘Find merge & duplicates’.

Setting up on Android:
1. From your Android phone, Go to Settings

2. Then go to ‘Accounts & Sync’

3. Tap on ‘Add account’ if you haven’t added your Gmail account to your Android phone. Then give the Gmail account information & click on Next. Then click on ‘Done’.

Now we will focus on syncing contacts between your iPhone & Android with the help of your Gmail ID.

Syncing from iPhone to Android:
1. Go to Settings on your android phone.
2. Tap on ‘Accounts & sync’
3. If you haven’t linked your Gmail ID then click on ‘add account’ and give your Gmail ID information.
4. But if you linked them, tap on Google.

5. Click on the sync icon right next to your Gmail account to sync the contacts from your iPhone to Android. If you enable auto syncing then your phone will periodically sync contacts from Gmail account.

From Android to iPhone:
1. Go to ‘Settings’ from your iPhone

2. Tap on ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ option

3. Then tap on Gmail

4. Provide your Gmail ID information, and then your phone will automatically sync all of your contact. it will do it periodically, too, if you set it up to sync automatically.