How to Sync Pocket on Your Computer & Smartphone


One of the key defining features of Pocket is that it provides its users the ability to sync their saved articles across multiple platforms. Pages you pocket on your computer can be viewed on your smartphone, and vice versa. In addition, any changes made (such as deleting an article) from one platform carries over to the other.

This flexibility is why users love Pocket: anything can be saved, or picked up and read, anywhere! To a degree, this includes offline functionality. While saving articles does require an internet connection, you can read saved articles while offline.

Here's how to sync your pocket account on your computer and smartphone:

1. Go to;


2. Create an account by clicking on Sign Up with Google, OR Sign Up with Email, then follow the on-screen prompts;


3. Download the Pocket app onto your smartphone: iPhone | Android

4. Open Pocket, enter the same email address you used to create your Pocket account on the computer, and click Log In;


5. You're synced! Be sure to peruse the settings for your app and select your preferences!


Add articles to your pocket from the web! Learn how to add a handy Pocket button to your web browser here.