How to Tackle if the Red Light is On or You See a ‘Your device is Overheating’ Warning


The Roku devices tends to get heated up faster when the user uses many functionalities and features continuously without giving it a gap. Overheating of the Roku device can be very dangerous if unhandled as it may cause the device to burst. It is advised for every Roku user to periodically check for the presence of overheating warning.

There is a chance that your Roku streaming player gets expose to more heat, thereby turning to be overheated. It is quite dangerous to have your Roku streaming player get overheated as the device can completely get managed. It is important to tackle when you get the overheating warning. Here’s how to tackle when the overheat warning arises in your Roku device

Overheating of the Roku streaming player happens when placed inside a closed place or along with any other electronic equipment. Usually, there are two indications that tell you that your Roku player is too hot.

From Your Roku device
Step 1
Most of the Roku players will have a white light display at the front of the device. You will see this light turn red if the device had become very hot. Instead you find the red light to be continuously flashing, it means your Roku device has not enough power

Step 2
When you open you Roku device, you will sometimes note a warning message saying ‘Your Roku device is overheating’ appearing at the corner of screen.

You should cool your Roku player by unplugging the power cable.

Step 3
Place your Roku player in a cooler location far from sunlight, closed space or other electronic equipment. This will cool down the player in about 10 minutes.

Step 4
Now again plug back the cable. The Roku player will automatically get switched on. If the red light still persists, unplug the cable again

You can now perform above steps to cool your Roku device when you see the overheating warning.