How to Track Your Mood with Jawbone UP24

While there are many trends that come and go, there is one trend that always seems to stick around, and that is new ways to get healthy and keep track of health progress, like with exercise. Jawbone, the company behind UP24, understands this as well as technology, and UP24 is a tool that tracks and records data such as steps walked, calories burned, and even analyzes sleeping patterns, which is displayed for the user when he or she logs in to an account. This may seem odd, but the device also allows users to log their mood in an effort to help the user understand how mood plays a part in one’s overall health and well-being. If you would like to learn how to track your mood using Jawbone’s UP24, just follow these few simple instructions.
1. Opening the app- Tap the UP icon on your mobile device to open up the app.
2. + sign- Within the app, you will see a + sign, which allows you to add things. Tap the + sign.
3. Icons- An arch of icons will open up after tapping the + sign. One of these is a smiley face. This is to log a mood. Tap the smiley face.
4. Mood entry- You will see a face icon in the middle of the screen. Using your finger, slide your finger up or down to change the mood faces. There is also a text box below it with a default description of the mood face. Tap the text box to edit the mood text.
5. Logging- When you are done selecting the face icon that represents your mood and the mood text, tap the check mark located in the upper right corner to log and exit the mood entry section.