How To Troubleshoot Screen Issues On Your HTC Vive


There can be more than one causes why you have problems with your screen on your HTC Vive. You will need to check couple of things before you are sure what the thing that is causing you the problem is. Follow the instructions below and you will find the solution for the screen issues on your HTC Vive:

Cause 1. Your Nvidia's driver software maybe has stopped working during VR.

  • ■ If this problem is happening to you, you will need to restart your PC.
Cause 2. There is no display in your headset

  • ■ Go to SteamVR settings to uncheck direct mode. Make a right click on the desktop and start NVIDIA control panel. Select the option multiple displays, make sure that your desktop monitor is set up as a primary monitor.
    ■ Also you may need to go to Change Resolution and make sure that the resolution of Vive is 2160x1200. Press apply settings to save the changes.
Cause 3. If your PC randomly freezes while your SteamVR is still running.

  • ■ Turn off Direct Mode feature. Run Steam VR, make a right click on the SteamVR icon > Devices > uncheck Direct Mode. Click ok on the confirmation you will see. This solution will help you until a permanent fix shows up.
    ■ Disconnect immediately the Link Box from your PC. And wait to see what will happen to your PC.
If none of the solutions above work for you, contact HTC Vive support center.
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