How to turn an Imgur or Flickr album into a VR Gallery


As Virtual Reality technology becomes more popular, we can see more and more cool applications and websites based on VR. This guide will provide you a way to turn your Flickr or Imgur album into an immersive VR Gallery.

To achieve this we are going to use a website application called

The process is the following using smartphones:

    ■ Take and copy your gallery link (ex. )
    ■ Put it (paste it) after this link
    ■ After that tap the full-screen button at the bottom and put the phone into your VR headset
    ■ There is a circle in the middle of the screen. You will be using it for selection. Just hover over an image to open it for viewing. To go back to the album, select the grid icon below the image. To change pages of the album, use the arrows in bottom left and bottom right of the album.
    Flickr example link:

For more information visit their website -

Enjoy image albums in VR.
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