How to Turn Netflix Audio and Movies into an Audiobook


Netflix is the world’s leading video streaming service. Users can view movies, feature films, TV shows free for the first month. It charges a subscription fee thereafter. Netflix started 20 years ago and now has happy customers in more than 200 countries. It even allows you to customize subtitles and profile icons.

You can also listen to audio descriptions on certain titles. There are a few titles like Stranger Things, but Netflix is increasing the number of audio descriptions. Here’s how to turn Netflix audio and movies into an audiobook.

1. Open ‘Netflix’
You can 'sign up' or 'log in' at Netflix here:

2. Chose a ‘Video’
Choose a 'movie or a TV show' that you want to listen to as an audiobook.

3. Hover Over 'Play Settings' While Watching
You can now change the 'audio and subtitles' to suit you. The original content with the original audio is frequently preferred over a dubbed audio.

4. Click on ‘Audio Description ‘
Now choose your 'preferred language' that also supports Audio Description. This will convert the video into an audiobook. Most of the videos support this feature.

There are no limits on what you can listen to with Netflix content as an audiobook.