How to Turn Off a Particular Notification on the Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick product has turned out to be very useful for people especially youngsters as it has a wide range of features. It enables the user to either allow notifications from all the applications on the Amazon Fire Stick or block all the notifications. Additionally, users can also block specific app notifications, and this can be done by doing the following steps.

Step 1
The user needs to get access to the settings menu. This can be made possible when the user presses and holds the ‘Home’ button for some seconds. You will now get access to the Settings menu on the Amazon Fire TV.

Step 2
In the settings menu, choose the ‘Notifications’ option to view the notifications if any. The dot symbol near it indicated that there is some notification. On clicking the notification, you will see the notifications that are available for the applications.

Step 3
To turn off the notifications for applications, go to the ‘Preferences’ option to reach out to the notification settings.

Step 4
Now on clicking the preferences option, you will have to click the ‘Notification Settings’ in order to block or unblock the notification coming from the certain apps.

Step 5
Then you will have to change the ‘Do Not Interrupt’ option from off to ‘ON’ in order to hide all the notification pop-ups from the applications.

Step 6
To turn off the notifications only from the app, the user will have to click the ‘App Notifications’ in order to stop notifications from specific applications.

Step 7
Now from the list of applications, turn the notification settings of the particular application to ‘OFF’ to block all the notifications from the chosen app.

You can now successfully stop the notifications from the specific applications on the Amazon Fire Stick.
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