How To Turn On Wi-Fi On Windows 7 Laptop

Since the invention of the laptop the next best thing to ever grant us freedom was the power of wireless connectivity. Most people call it Wi-Fi these days while some just call it wireless internet. This tutorial will show you how to turn on Wi-Fi on your Windows 7 laptop.

1. Make sure the BIOS, specific to your laptop, is up to date. There are instances where the BIOS wasn’t able to detect the wireless adapter thus resulting in no wireless connectivity options.

2. Make sure you’re on the latest drivers for your wireless adapter. You will need to visit your laptop’s support site specific to your SKU to locate, download and install the latest drivers conforming to your wireless adapter. If you do a clean install of OS, installing the wireless adapter’s drivers will require you to reboot in order to enable the wireless adapter.

3. You can look at the keyboard on your laptop to identify if there are any hotkeys to enable or disable the wireless connectivity for your laptop. It’s quite possible that the keys were accidentally pressed to disable your Wi-Fi. Often times you will need to press FN + one of the top most row of keys to enable/disable your Wi-Fi. Some Lenovo laptop require you to tap FN + F5 or FN + F7 to enable/disable the Wi-Fi on your laptop.


4. You can also look around your laptop’s outer edge to spot any switches to enable/disable your Wi-Fi. It’s quite possible that the switch was hit by accident.

5. If your wireless adapter is functional (hasn’t died on you) then you can look into your network adapter settings.
Start>Control Panel>Network and Internet>Networking and Sharing Center.

6. On the left pane, click on Change adapter settings.

7. Select your wireless adapter and right click on it.

8. Choose to Enable. The Disable option should be greyed out for this step.

Following these steps you have successfully enabled the Wi-Fi on your Windows 7 laptop.
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