How to Type Smileys and Other Characters on the MacBook Pro

Smileys are a part of any form of text messages, even formal ones. But otherwise if you are messaging your loved ones, it is quite obvious to use smileys. There was a time when a smiley meant a ‘: )’ or a ‘: (’, but technological advancements have taken us to the point where we can add over hundreds of smileys to a text document. While this is usually a feature found on mobile devices, if you are using a MacBook Pro to send a text message, you can add smileys and a vast array of other special characters within your message. Here’s how to do this:
Step 1
Go to the menu bar at the bottom of the screen and click on the ‘System Preferences’ app.

Step 2
Within the ‘System Preferences’ tray click on the ‘Keyboard’ tab.

Step 3
Tick the option titled ‘Show Keyboards, Emoji, & Symbol Viewer in menu bar’.

Step 4
Open the document you want to add smileys and emojis to.
Step 5
Go to the ‘Overhead Menu’ and click on this symbol.

Step 6
Click on the option titled ‘Show Emojis & Symbols’.

Step 7
Select the ‘Emoji’ option on the left side of the dialog box which opens.

Step 8
Select any emoji from the list and drag it to the document to add it.

Step 9
Select the various other symbol categories on the left side of the dialog box and repeat step 8 to add it to the document.

Now you should be able to add smileys and emojis to any text document with ease. The MacBook OS X is loaded with a variety of features and this is certainly one of the coolest ones.
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