How to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5


Unlocking a Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5 is a simple and straightforward process as long as your device is eligible for unlocking, and you have all the information needed to place the unlock request and get the unlock code from your wireless carrier.

Unlocking the Galaxy phone allows you to use the device with different wireless carriers from within and outside the US (depending upon the phone model and the wireless carrier with which the phone is currently locked).

Unlock eligibility criteria of your Galaxy depends on the following:

[listNum]■The phone must be locked with the carrier.
■The phone must be active.
■No financial outstanding on the phone’s owner must be there.
■All the installments, monthly bills, and other monetary commitments must be fulfilled without any pending funds to be paid whatsoever.
■The minimum threshold duration of the phone being remain active must be completed. (60 days or more for postpaid subscription (after the full amount has been paid), and 1 year or more for the prepaid ones.)
■The phone must not be reported as lost or stolen.

■The IMEI number of the phone must not be blacklisted or blocked with the carrier.

After your Galaxy is found eligible for unlocking, you can now start focusing on collecting the information required by your wireless carrier’s customer support team in order to process your phone unlock request. The information that you'll want to collect for the phone includes:

[listNum]■Registered name (first and last names) of the buyer.
■Email address of the buyer registered with the wireless carrier at the time of purchase.
■Type of subscription availed from the wireless carrier. (Prepaid, Postpaid, Prior Customer, etc.)
■The 10-digit mobile number used with the locked carrier.
■IMEI number of the mobile phone.
Note: You can go to Settings > About phone > Status > IMEI or can dial *#06# on your Galaxy to get the IMEI number.
■Your Social Security Number’s (SSN’s) last four digits.
■Account’s passcode (if applied for).

Note: In case you are not the original buyer of the phone, you'll need their information to unlock the phone.

Once you have collected all of the information mentioned above, find your carrier from the list below. Follow the instructions to unlock your phone.

Unlocking Galaxy from AT&T

You must dial +1-(800)-331-0500 or visit to contact the AT&T customer support team to place the unlock request and get the unlock code for your AT&T Galaxy mobile phone.

After your request has been approved and you receive the unlock code for your phone, you can follow the steps given below to unlock your phone to be able to use it with different wireless carriers:

    ■Turn off your Galaxy.
    ■Take the AT&T SIM out of the slot.
    ■Insert the SIM from the other wireless carrier.
    ■Power the phone back on.
    ■When the phone prompts, provide the unlock code that you received from AT&T.
    ■Complete the remaining setup process by following the displayed instructions.
    ■Start using your Galaxy normally.

Unlocking Galaxy from Sprint
Sprint wireless carrier may unlock your Galaxy in any of the following two ways:
[listNum]■Domestic SIM Unlock or DSU – When your Galaxy is unlocked with DSU, you can use your phone only with the domestic wireless carriers that are from within the US only.
International SIM Unlock or ISU – In case you wish to leave US for long duration, you can request Sprint to unlock your SIM for ISU in which you can use your Galaxy with international wireless carriers.

Note: When your Galaxy is unlocked with ISU, it cannot work as DSU and cannot be used with any of the domestic wireless carriers.

You can dial +1-(888)-226-7212 to contact the Sprint customer support team or initiate a live chat session with them during work days on and place the unlock request.

As per your request, upon receiving the approval confirmation for ISU or DSU and the unlock code, you can follow the instructions below to unlock your Galaxy from the Sprint wireless carrier:

    ■Switch off your Galaxy.
    ■Take out the Sprint SIM.
    ■Insert a new SIM from the different wireless carrier.
    ■Switch the phone back on.
    ■Provide the unlock code when prompted.
    ■Complete the setup by following the displayed instructions.
    ■Start using your phone with the new wireless carrier flawlessly.

Unlocking Galaxy from T-Mobile
To contact the T-Mobile’s customer support team, you can either dial +1-(877)-746-0909 or go to the link, and place the unlock request. As soon as your request has been approved, you will receive a confirmation notification along with the unlock code. You can then follow the instructions given below to use the code to unlock your Galaxy from T-Mobile:

    ■Power off your Galaxy phone.
    ■Pull the T-Mobile SIM out of the SIM slot.
    ■Insert a new SIM from the other wireless carrier in the SIM slot.
    ■Power the phone back on.
    ■When the phone prompts, provide the unlock code you received from T-Mobile.
    ■Follow the on-screen instructions to continue setting up your phone.
    ■When done, start using your Galaxy with the new wireless carrier normally.

Unlocking Galaxy from Verizon
Although Verizon uses CDMA technology and therefore many of the Verizon phones cannot be unlocked, some models are still there that have a separate, independent SIM slot that is already unlocked. This means, the Verizon mobile phones that have a separate SIM slot can be used with any other wireless carrier without worrying about getting the unlock code or even bothering the Verizon’s customer support team.

Nonetheless, you can, by all means, get detailed information about unlocking your Galaxy model from Verizon by dialing +1-(800)-256-4646.