How to Use an Android Tablet to Control a Camera

Amateur photographers rejoice: recent technology developments have made it possible for you to turn your Android tablet into a remote control for your DSLR camera. It’s perfect for taking family photos without a photographer, or for catching multiple angles of a subject without having to be in two places at once to operate the cameras. The steps below outline how to morph your tablet into a camera remote.

Step 1
Download the DSLR Controller app to your tablet from CNET. It’s a great piece of software that can connect Canon DSLR cameras to your Android device with just a USB cable. Note that, unfortunately, not all cameras are currently compatible with the app. (The DslrDashboard program works for Nikons.)

Step 2
If your tablet doesn’t have a USB port, you’ll need a USB OTG adapter to connect your digital camera’s USB cable with your device. These are inexpensive and can be found online, but they are useful for essentially tricking your camera into thinking that your tablet is a computer. If your tablet does have a USB port, simply hook your camera up to that.

Step 3
Turn on your camera. Your tablet may take a few seconds to recognize it, but when it does, the DSLR Controller app will launch automatically. Your Android tablet can now be used as a wired remote for your camera.

Step 4
If you want wireless remote function, you’ll have to have three devices: an Android phone (or a secont tablet), a camera, and an Android tablet. Go through the above steps again, installing DSLR Controller on both of your Android devices. Connect both devices to Wi-Fi. Ultimately, you should have one Android device running DSLR Controller and hooked up to your computer, and another that isn’t tethered.

Step 5
Launch DSLR Controller on your second Android device, making sure before you do so that it is on the same Wi-Fi network as the first Android device. This should automatically connect your second device to the camera via Wi-Fi!

Controlling your DSLR camera through an Android device can be a fun way to unlock new potential from your digital camera. With Wi-Fi, you’ll even be able to have a wireless remote for your camera.