How to Use Boosters in Farm Heroes Saga (Mobile)


Farm Heroes Saga gives you access to certain bonuses, each becoming unlocked at certain levels in the game. These items can help you to beat levels, enabling you to progress. The following will cover what boosters are available and how to use them properly.

1. Shovels- items to remove crops, obstacles, or assist growth. Tap the shovel icon to bring the shovel into view. Move the shovel to the desired square and tap the green checkmark to confirm.

2. +1 Bonus- When applied, this will give a +1 bonus to all crop types required to clear the level. When available, tap the +1 icon to use it.

3. Tractor Bonus- clears one row horizontally of crops or obstacles that can be affected. Tap the tractor icon, move to the desired row, and tap the green checkmark to confirm.

4. Type Bonus- All crop types are taken off the board. Tap the color bonus icon, tap the crop type you wish to clear.

5. Egg Cracker- Tap the egg cracker icon to activate, tap green checkmark to confirm. This cracks all eggs on the board.

6. Clean-Up- Turns an angry crop to happy. Tap the clean-up icon, select angry crop item, and tap again.

7. Super Fruit-clears a 3x3 grid of crops. Tap super fruit icon, move to desired grid, tap the green checkmark to confirm.

8. Super Tractor- Removes 3 rows either horizontal or vertical. It appears on the play board. Swipe horizontally or vertically to remove 3 rows/columns, depending which direction it was swiped in to make a match. Good luck.