How To Use Kid's Corner on your Windows Phone

With lots of games to play on your smartphone, your kids may want to borrow them from time to time. It's an issue, though, when they accidentally delete important messages or contacts while they're playing. Kid's Corner on Windows Phone 8 sets your phone into a special mode allowing your kids to use only the apps you allow them access to.

Here are steps how to use Kid's Corner on Your Windows phone.

1. From the "Start" screen, access the app list and tap "Settings." Find the Kid's Corner link and tap "Next."


2. You can start adding items to Kid's corner by simply tapping items on your Games, Apps, Videos, and Music folders. After selecting an item, tap "Done" and when you're finished adding items, tap "Next."


3. If your phone doesn't have a lock screen password yet, tap "Set Password," enter your code, and type "Done." This will prevent your child from accessing your "Start" screen and touch anything important on your phone. Tap "Finish" and exit Kid's Corner.

4. To test the app you added on Kid's Corner, go to "Settings" again and go to Kid's Corner. Make sure that the slider beside it is on.


5. Go to your apps list and choose any app you want to play. It will launch on Kid's Corner mode. You can also go directly to an app and from there tap "Launch Kid's Corner."