How to Use Netflix in PlayStation 3

Netflix users can stream online videos and content with their PlayStation 3 devices. Netflix is available as an app in PlayStation store that you need to install in order to be able to use it. Once downloaded, you can utilise the superior video processing capabilities of your PlayStation to stream high definition videos.
Using Netflix in PlayStation is somewhat different than using it in any other video streaming device. To use Netflix, follow these simple steps.

1. Download Netflix
Go to the TV/Video Services option in your PlayStation XCross Media Bar using the controller navigational buttons and press the X button over Netflix. The application download will begin.
After the download and app installation is complete, a Netflix sign in page will appear.

2. Sign into Netflix
Sign into your Netflix account in the sign-in page using your 'Email' and 'Password'. You will now be logged into your Netflix account.

3. Select the 'Type of User'
A screen asking you to select the type of user will appear. For the full experience, hit the Netflix option instead of Netflix Kids by pressing X. The Netflix main screen loads up instantly with all the available titles.

4. Browsing and Selecting Content
You can use your game controller to navigate and select the content of your choice in Netflix. As you stop your navigation on a title, the relevant details appear on the screen.

5. Playing Content
To play a title of your choice, navigate over to it and hit the Select button. A small menu appears, in which you can choose to resume play, play from beginning or rate the title. To choose any of the options, hit the X button on your controller. The title will resume playing on the display.
You can also choose to view subtitles and configure audio by going into the Audio and Subtitles option from this menu.

You will now be able to use Netflix in your PlayStation 3.