How to Use Power Gems in Bejeweled Blitz


Bejeweled Blitz, is a popular matching game. Within the space of one minute, you must make as many matches as you can of gems (3 or more) of the same color. There are several things that can be done to increase your score as well as eliminate more gems. The items that help achieve this are called Power Gems, and there are two types, the Flame and the Star. The following tutorial will teach you how to get both.
1. Opening the app- Tap the Bejeweled Blitz icon on your chosen device. You can also play on Facebook if you choose.
2. Playing- Tap Play to start the round. Remember, you can start making matches even before the timer starts.
3. Flame gem- In order to get the Flame Gem, you must match 4 of the same color gem by sliding up, down, left, or right in order to get 4 matching gems together. Slide the Flame Gem in line with 2 other gems of the same color and a 3 x 3 grid of gems will disappear.
4. Star gem- For this type of Power Gem, you will need to match 5 gems of the same color in a T or L pattern. This creates a Star Gem. Match the Star Gem to 2 or more gems of the same color. This eliminates all gems in the row and column that the Star Gem was in.