How to Use RateFlix to Get Non-Netflix Reviews

Netflix is one of the premier streaming services that offer TV show and movies across all devices: computer, tablets, smartphones, TVs, etc. This service is reasonably priced, extremely user-friendly and offers a huge range of old and new content.

If you are Netflix fan you must be now habitual of checking the Netflix rating of a show or movie before planning a date night in your living room. Sometimes, it is fair to want to know other ratings of the show you intend to watch. Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB can be a good place to check but you will have to open these individual sites, punch in the name and then check the rating.

What if, Netflix would automatically show these ratings on your screen, without you having to wander off. Yes, that is possible through Rateflix. Rateflix is a Chrome extension that lets you view the ratings of IMDB, Rotten Tomato and Metacritic. Following are a few steps that will help you download the extension and then use it with your Netflix account.

Step 1
Download 'RateFlix'
Visit 'Chrome Web Store' and search for 'RateFlix'. Download it and add it to your Chrome.

Step 2
'Restart Chrome' and 'Login to Netflix' account
Once the 'RateFlix'is installed, restart the 'Chrome browser' and open '' and 'sign in' with your id and password.

Step 3
Hover the mouse over a 'Show/Movie'
'Sign in' to your 'Netflix account' and now all you need to do is hover the mouse over a 'Show/Movie' and you will be able to see its ratings.

[Note: You won’t see ratings for all three rating systems. Some will just have Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes ratings while others will have all three based. This happens because sometimes the name of the shows/movies do not match with the names on the Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. You may face a similar situation if some particular shows/movies have not been rated yet.]
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