How to Use Siri Shortcuts In iOS 12

After you’ve created a custom Siri shortcut using the Shortcuts app, here are the two ways you can use the shortcut in iOS 12:

Method 01: From the Shortcuts App
    Open the custom shortcut window
    Launch the Shortcuts app, ensure that you’re on the Library window, and tap the More symbol (icon with three dots within a circle) on the shortcut’s tile you want to use. This opens the shortcut window. This window shows the information about the actions the shortcut is supposed to perform.


    Run the shortcut

Tap the Play button from the top-center of the shortcut’s window. This executes the shortcut, and performs all the actions defined in it at once. After the shortcut is executed successfully, you can safely close the Shortcuts app and continue using your iDevice normally.

Method 02: Using Siri Command
    Use the process given in the first point of the previous method to open the custom shortcut you want to run
    Add the shortcut to Siri
    Tap the Settings icon from the top-right corner of the shortcut’s window, tap Add to Siri on the next window, tap the Record button (big red circle) when the Add to Siri window opens up, speak your preferred command (Set Meeting for this example) when Siri is in listening mode, and tap Done from the top-right corner. This adds the shortcut to Siri list, tells Siri to run the shortcut when the command you recorded is spoken, and takes you back to the shortcut’s Settings window. You can also tap Re-Record Phrase before tapping Done if you want to use a different command.






    Note: In order to remove the shortcut from Siri, you can tap Siri Phrase from the shortcut’s Settings window, and tap Delete Shortcut from the next window that opens up.
    Use the shortcut with Siri

Launch Siri (by saying “Hey Siri”, long pressing the Home button (or Power button as per your iDevice model), and speak the command you defined in the previous step (Set Meeting for this example). This runs the shortcut, and performs all the actions defined in it. Once done, Siri informs you about the successful execution.