How to Use the Mouse Toggle App on your Amazon Fire TV

When you use your Smart TV, you may find it itchy sometimes that you have to press keys on your remote to navigate or type constantly. Well, in computers, the Mouse solves the problem. Similarly, Amazon Fire TV now supports the Mouse Toggle App which you can use once you are inside an app. It makes the entire experience of Amazon Fire TV smoother. The Mouse Toggle app is simple to download and use on your Amazon Fire TV. Here is the simple procedure of how to use the Mouse Toggle app on your Amazon Fire TV.

Step 1
Go to ‘Settings’
From your Amazon Fire TV Home Screen, go to ‘Settings’.

Step 2
Select ‘My Fire TV’
In your settings select ‘Device’ which is one of the main steps in installing any support apps into your Amazon Fire TV.

Step 3
Now, click on ‘Developer options’.

Step 4
Turn on Essential Functions
Inside ‘Developer options’, turn on ‘ADB Debugging’.

Step 5
And now click to ‘Apps from unknown sources’, to turn on it click on 'Turn on'. These both must be turned in almost every download.

Step 6
Go to ‘Downloader’
Use the ‘Search’ option by clicking the ‘Magnifying Icon’ on your Fire TV and search for ‘Downloader’. Install it if you haven’t. Open the ‘Downloader’ and jump to the next step.

Step 5
Type the link
Once you open the ‘Downloader’, press the ‘Select’ button on your remote and type and click ‘GO’.

Step 6
Install the APK File
Go ahead and ‘Install’ the APK file into your TV.

Step 7
'Turn On' Mouse Toggle
You will find the downloaded Mouse Toggle app in your recent list. Open it and turn on ‘Mouse Services’. You can now access the Mouse Toggle by double clicking the play button on your remote.

Step 8
Switch ADB Settings to ‘OFF’ and then ‘ON’
If the ‘Status’ option is showing ‘Starting’, Switch the ABD settings to ‘Off’, then ‘ON’ again. This will fix the issue.

That’s it. You can now use mouse toggle on your Fire TV. To display the mouse pointer, quickly click the Play/Pause button twice and you are good to go.
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