How to Use the Netflix ID Bible

Netflix provides an opportunity to watch videos, movies, TV shows of all genres, all at a single place. It provides an extensive range of features with very cool navigation functionalities as well. It now provides the users the ability to easily reach out to the particular genre they wish. Here is how you can use the Netflix ID Bible to find the various categories, genres, and subgenres of the movies present on Netflix and reach out to the category at once using the Netflix ID codes.

Step 1
The first step for the user is to open the browser and type in the URL, as shown. You will then see the home page of What’s on Netflix.

Step 2
The user must know select on the ‘Search’ button or the magnifying glass.

Step 3
You need to type in Netflix ID Bible in the search bar to know the codes of various genres of the movies that are available on Netflix and then press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

Step 4
You will now find the Netflix search results. From the search results, you will need to press the ‘The Netflix ID Bible- Every Category on Netflix’ link option as shown below.

Step 5
On clicking the Netflix ID bible link, you will notice the various genres of shows, movies or series that are available on Netflix. You will find their corresponding genre codes as well. This will help you to access the particular genre of files easily.

Step 6
You can notice the various genres of the available movies on Netflix. For example, below, you can see the list of the sub-genres present in the main genre horror movies. You can see the corresponding Netflix ID of the various genres and sub-genres. Here ‘45028’ is the Netflix ID of ‘Deep Sear Horror Movie’.

Step 7
Now you will have to open the browser and type in the ID) to see only the movies that belong to that particular genre. Here 45028 is attached to the end of the URL to view the Deep Sear Horror Movies.

You can now easily use the Netflix ID Bible to categorize the movies on Netflix based on their genres and reach out to them easily by following the above steps.
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