How to Use the Voice Search Option in Netflix

Netflix is an online media and video streaming service that is available for PC through browser or mobile through Apps. It is currently working in more than 130 countries and is trying to get into more countries too. It started a couple of decades ago and took the industry by storm in the past half-decade. Most of the Netflix members get to watch premium movies, TV shows, and award-winning titles for different prices that will suit the user.

Netflix always tries to improve their member’s experience through technology and design. They focused their entire team on making the mobile experience as good as possible. You can download and store, rate and search and view better with the new and revamped application. Searching for a title could be a difficult process. You can just search for a title and Netflix will help you find something good to watch with its algorithm. You can even use your voice to search for movies, genre, etc. on your mobile device. Here’s how to use voice search option in Netflix.

Step 1
Open 'Netflix App'
You can open the 'Netflix' app or you can download and get started for free here; Android and iOS.

Step 2
Tap on ‘Search’
Click on the ‘Search’ icon on the bottom navigation bar on your mobile device. Here you can search for any title or video that you would like to watch.

Step 3
Tap on the ‘Mic’
Head over to the search bar that says ‘Search for a programme, film, genre, etc’. and click on the ‘Mic’ icon.

Step 4
Speak out
You can now speak out anything you would have wanted to type. You can also tap ‘Try Again’ just in case it doesn’t hear your fine.

Step 5
View your results
You can now click on any video that you like and start watching it.

And that’s how easy it is to search for any video title on Netflix mobile through your voice.
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