How to Use Your Android Device to Control Your Roku

If you have kids at home you’ll know the TV remote rarely stays in the place you left it. You might wish you could carry it around the way you stick with your smartphone. At other times you may feel too weak to get up from the couch and pick it up. But it is possible for you to convert your smartphone to a Roku remote. Follow the steps below to find out how.

1. Search for Roku remote on Google Playstore
Every Android device comes with the Playstore, where you can find millions of apps compatible with Android devices. Go to Playstore and search for ‘Roku remote’. Many options will appear, but you should choose the Romoku app. You can also download the app here text.

2. Install the App
Depending on your internet speed, downloading should only take a few seconds. Once the download has finished, install the app. This should not take you more than a minute. Some apps are not compatible with lower Android versions, or may fail to work properly when installed.

3. Connect your mobile device to the same wireless network as Roku
For your app to see your Roku, they need to be connected on the same wireless network. Note that wired connections or Bluetooth will not work.

4. Search for your Roku device using your installed app
Once you have installed the Romoku app on your mobile device, it will automatically search for any Roku device connected to the same wireless. If your Roku is connected to the same wireless network, it will on the ‘Device Discovery’ list on your Android phone.

5. Tap on it to connect
If there are more than one Roku devices connected on the same wireless network, they will all appear on your ‘Device Discovery’ list. Tap the correct device to proceed.

6. Control your Roku with your Android device
If the connection is successful buttons similar to your regular Roku remote will be displayed on the screen. You can now control your Roku with your Android device. Note: most of the remotes only allow for basic controls but it should be enough to do the trick. Setting up the Romoku remote for your Android device will also give you the power to control other streaming services, like Amazon.