How to Wipe Data From an Android Tablet Remotely

If your Android tablet has been lost or stolen, then it’s easy to feel worried about your personal information falling into the wrong hands. Luckily, Google has included a failsafe for most of its tablet devices that makes it possible for you to easily wipe the data remotely, including email account access, calendar information, and more.

Follow the tips below to do a factory reset of your device remotely.

Step 1
Hopefully, your device is already set up with Google Sync or Device Policy. Otherwise, you won’t be able to wipe your tablet remotely. It is a good idea to install and configure these options ahead of time, just in case.

Step 2
Click here to sign into what is called Google’s “Admin console.” From there, you will be able to manage your devices.

Step 3
Once you’ve logged in, you should see an option for “Device Management.” Click it, then select “Managed Devices.” This action will take you to a page where you can view the devices that you have synced with your account.

Step 4
Direct your cursor to the device you want to wipe. A box will appear that includes an option to do a Remote Wipe. Click, and then confirm the action. You should then receive a message saying that your device has been wiped. The next time the device connects with the Google server, all of the data on it will be deleted.

With so much information stored on tablets and other devices, it is paramount to protect yourself from the possibility of theft. Wiping your Android tablet remotely can be done easily; all you have to do is set up the function with Google’s servers before your situation becomes a dire one.