I Want My Nokia Mobile to Connect to Nokia PC Suite via Bluetooth

Nokia PC suite contains useful features that make operations quite convenient. One of the many useful features of this product is to establish a connection between your computer and your Nokia mobile phone using, either data cable or Bluetooth.

In order to establish an Internet connection, mobile Internet or GPRS facility on your mobile subscriber number is required. Also your phone must support the Internet feature (which is available in almost every mobile phone in today’s market). As Internet has become a daily life entity these days, using your mobile to access the Internet on your computer or laptop can become quite handy while you are on the go.

In some cases, the connection is done through Bluetooth because many times the data cable is misplaced. Even if you use the cable to connect your Nokia mobile phone to the computer, it may disturb the ports, or there is a threat to break the ports.

For that purpose the connection is created using Bluetooth facility. In order to allow your Nokia phone to connect to Nokia PC Suite via Bluetooth, the application must be configured accordingly.

Here’s what you need to do to allow your Nokia phone to connect to the computer via Bluetooth:

    ■Initialize both the devices carefully.

    ■Opened the Bluetooth of both the devices for creating a connection.

    ■Open the Nokia PC Suite interface.

    ■Once the interface is opened, click the Settings in the menu bar.

    ■From the displayed list, click the Manage connections option.

    ■On the opened Nokia Connection Manager box, under the Connections available section, check the Bluetooth (Microsoft) checkbox from the list. .

    ■Once checked, on the opened box, follow on-screen instructions to configure your Nokia phone to connect to the computer via Bluetooth.

    ■Once the phone is connected to the Nokia PC Suite, the phone model becomes visible on the main interface of the program.

    ■After this, click the Connect to the Internet option and follow the proper procedure to connect your computer to the Internet using mobile phone Internet package.

    ■In order to disconnect your computer from the Internet, use the interface and follow the on-screen instructions.

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