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  1. M

    Nokia 110 4g icons

    Does anyone have a list of screen icons for this phone? I have just gone from dual SIM to single SIM (SIM 1) on my 'burner' phone AND ported onto a new network and I have a square icon top left which says '2'. No messages/voicemails?
  2. mhyss3

    Solved! Parsec streaming setup for home

    I currently have a gaming desktop with an i7 + rx 580 8gb. I wanted to figure out how I could stream my games over wifi to my laptop. The desktop is connected to a tp-link repeater (WA850REN300) using ethernet and the laptop is connected though the onboard wifi card (Intel). The main home router...
  3. admin

    Nokia Is Undercutting Everyone with a $160 Android Pie Phone

    HMD Nokia thinks they can make a dent in the US market by going low cost with its Nokia 3.1 phone. Nokia Is Undercutting Everyone with a $160 Android Pie Phone : Read more
  4. N

    Nokia 5.1 plus

    I lost my nokia 5.1 plus how can I find it
  5. F

    Solved! My sd card is protected by nokia 3 and I need to recover data on PC

    My sd card is protected by Nokia 3 when I plug to PC says that I need to format. The data is there but I don't know hot to reach there.
  6. D

    My Nokia 7.1phone model no.TA-1097 has been stolen please help

    Can you help to track the phone Please
  7. B

    Solved! Nokia 6.1 ,plus

    My Nokia 6.1 plus after update android version 9 when I call or receiving after 20 or 15 seconds opposite person voice is hearing but my voice is not hearing opposite person
  8. G

    Nokia 9 Pureview Could Be Best Camera Phone Yet

    The camera on Nokia's next flagship phone may capture 10 times more light than a regular sensor. Nokia 9 Pureview Could Be Best Camera Phone Yet : Read more
  9. G

    Here's Your Best Look at Nokia's Five-Camera Phone

    The new handset has appeared in a leaked promotional video, with a rumoured release within the next month. Here's Your Best Look at Nokia's Five-Camera Phone : Read more
  10. Q

    My Nokia 130 is lost and the SIM card is not in it.Can I find it and how?

    My Nokia 130 is lost and the SIM card is not in it.Can I find it?and how.Its really urgent cause I need it for school!!!
  11. C

    My old nokia suddenly won't allow me to hear callers.

    Nokia problem my nokia 108 has never given problems but suddenly I can't hear callers..they can hear me but silence my has not been dropped or takes and holds charge but this problem happened over night...can you help? Thanks [Title shortened -- no need for it to...
  12. O

    Solved! Best color accuracy in midrange phone

    I take pictures of mushrooms and want the color as accurate as I can afford. This means a price around $350, such as the Nokia 7.1 for $349. I'm trying it and the colors are very close, though a very slight bit pinker than the actual item. Most reviews give the comparable phones as the Honor...
  13. E

    Solved! Nokia 3 memory is full and don't turn on how to save my files?

    Retrieve files from Nokia 3 not turning on
  14. C

    i lost my nokia 7plus phone i have only IMEI number the stiller looks like removed the sim, i try to find by GPS and couldn't

    my phone was locked with pattern when it was stole and after couple of minutes it try to call and it not reachable, i tried many times it says the same, i had account on that phone and i try to track the location but it says couldn't find, i'm sure the stiller never connect the phone to...
  15. S

    Solved! I lost my Nokia 6.1 phone is switched of plz help me to find it out

    When I am going to clz I put in bike and I went to drick water to the shop it is stolen
  16. A

    Nokia 7.1 Review: A New Budget Champion Has Arrived

    Nokia has quietly released one of the most exciting inexpensive phones of the year in the Nokia 7.1, a well-designed phone that delivers first-rate performance. Nokia 7.1 Review: A New Budget Champion Has Arrived : Read more
  17. P

    Lost my Nokia

    I lost my Nokia 2.1 how can I track and find it.pls help
  18. S

    Solved! How to deactivate my NOKIA 3

    My daughter has become addicted to her mom's Nokia 3 mobile. She is only 13 and always using facebook and whatsapp, which is not only affecting her studies but has changed her positive attitudes into negative. We have consulted psychiatrists but she told us to keep her away from the phone. we...
  19. M

    my Nokia 3.1 is charging just offline

    my Nokia 3.1 is charging when is turned off
  20. S

    Solved! Problem in Nokia

    No ring tone when call comes. Why?
  21. S

    Nokia 6.1 pluss

    Hi i recently bought new nokia 6.1 plus , I am facing a problem with mic . Sometimes it works sometimes wont. The person at the other end can't hear voice . Some its both the sides. i cahnged all the settings allowed microphone permission in all apps . But nothing changed . If it is a hardware...
  22. T

    Solved! Which SD is good for Nokia 5

    External storage is not works SD card is not working
  23. Z

    Solved! what is wrong?

    My nokia xl snapdragon when I was playing a game the moment I lowered the volume the sound went off and now even when I try to play music I can't please help
  24. S

    Hotspot is error

    Why My hotspot is error when i on hotspot button it become error
  25. A

    deblocage de telephone

    bonjour j'aimerai savoir comment debloquer mon telephone NOKIA pour que sa puisse marché avec ma carte sim CUBACEL CE0168 [] MODEL:RM-1018
  26. H

    i forgot my security code...pleas help nokia 0434 my imei number is

    i forgot my security code...pleas help nokia 0434 my imei number is removed by Moderator.
  27. D

    Nokia 6.1 plus mic not working

    Nokia 6.1 plus phone mic not working during voice call what's app call..but loudspeaker mic will working fine
  28. N

    Which port does the nokia X6 have?

    As asked in the the title which port does the nokia x6 actually have, i'am thinking about buying the phone but iam unsure if its micro usb or type c port. Thanks if you answerd have a great day:).
  29. G

    Nokia Spider Eye Could Be Holy Grail of Phone Cameras

    An intriguing leaked photo shows a phone with six camera sensors, which can be combined to get amazing performance and do some pretty amazing photography tricks. Nokia Spider Eye Could Be Holy Grail of Phone Cameras : Read more
  30. J

    Google keyboard regestering wrong keys when typing

    I have a Nokia 7 Pulse and when I press for example D but my finger slides to S it registers S It was not like that on my old S5, how do i set it to work so it only registers the taped button?
  31. P

    Does Anyone else notice the

    The Nokia 5.1 Plus * mod edit, link removed * has been released today and it comes with a lot of amazing features. My irritation is coming from a lot of mobile phone companies copied iPhone X for their 2018 flagships. Even the blind would notice the copycats here and there especially in...
  32. T

    Solved! how to download uc browser from store

    How to download uc browser from store Nokia Lumia 520
  33. E

    how to track my stolen Nokia 3 android phone IMEI No.: 356803086307904

    how to track my stolen Nokia 3 android phone IMEI No.: 356803086307904
  34. S

    My nokia 501 is lost

    In mobile airtel sim is inserted <<Removed>> And second sim is docomo <<Removed>>
  35. S

    If I format my sd card as internal in Nokia 2 will it work correctly or it will fail to support?

    If I format my sd card as internal in Nokia 2 will it work correctly or it will fail to support?
  36. P

    How Open my Nokia c1 puk code

    My Nokia c1 phone closed please help me
  37. A

    Storage space used by System software

    I looked at the Moto G6 as well as the Nokia 6.1 at our local Best Buy store. One thing which I noticed is that the Moto G6 uses about 6.7 GB for storage for the category "System" whereas the Nokia 6.1 uses close to 11 GB. If the Android in Nokia 6.1 is a purer version of the Android Oreo, why...
  38. A

    How do I set me SD card as the default storage location on Nokia 3

    How do I set me SD card as the default storage location on Nokia 3
  39. W

    SD card issues

    I have a 16 GB SD card formatted as internal storage in my Nokia 3, I have only used 5.43 GB out of the 16 GB yet my device is displaying storage space running out ! I've tried to manually move apps from internal storage to the SD card to no avail. How can I create more storage space or move...
  40. F

    Searching for Nokia phone authorised service faciliy near Pittsburg,Texas

    Where can I find authoriesd service for Nokia phone near Pittsburg,Texas
  41. G

    Nokia 6.1 Review: One of the Best Values of the Year

    Nokia's best phone in years is a treat that's sure to appeal to budget smartphone buyers. With all the right specs, a great display, sturdy metal build and unrivaled Android One software, the Nokia 6.1 is a sleeper hit that belongs on your radar. Nokia 6.1 Review: One of the Best Values of the...
  42. A

    Nokia 3 two big issues

    Since last update my Nokia 3 there are tow big problems which i noticed 1 camera doesn't switch to video mod 2 when i plug out hand free the speakers doesn't work whither restart the phone
  43. M

    Nokia 2 phone

    How to track my phone with above imei
  44. N

    why nokia 222 support jar files

    cant support this file of jar
  45. B

    Just download them into the storage of your phone. Then run the File manager on your phone, find the application in the storag

    Jar file working in nokia new Os Series S30+.
  46. R

    why i dont have the new update ?

    i have the nokia 7 and i have the nougat 7.1 yet and the security patch of december
  47. R

    How to track my lost phone Nokia 6 using imei number

    I have already lost my want to track with emei number . Plz help me
  48. A

    Solved! Cant install game

    My phone is nokia 215 .i installed a jar file of a game .but cant play
  49. M

    How to move app to sd internal in nokia 5

    I cant move app to sd card which i had formatted it before into internal
  50. E

    No Video mode

    Went to take a video on my Nokia 6 but the video mode is no longer there it's was but now all I have is just the photo mode in the camera ok I can still take photos but I want to do a video as well , have noticed that the gallery icon is missing as well not to much of a problem as all photos go...
  51. C

    What to get

    High time I updated from my bog-standard and ancient Nokia and got a phone which as well as doing calls and texts can get me on the internet and do emails, take photos and videos, and record sound. I AM NOT in the least bit interested in streaming films and TV, listening to music or gaming...
  52. H

    i lost my phone N 6 thats why i need IMEI OFF

    i lost my mobile at shoping mall. nokia N-6 IME 353393091390635 I request to you please Inactive the phone .
  53. R

    My phone nokia 6 but not support my airtel sim

    My phone nokia 6 but not support airtel sim how can support
  54. W

    how to block out particular going calls

    How to block particular calls in a low budget phone nokia
  55. P

    I'm having an issue with the SD card that was mounted in my nokia lumia 535.

    I watched movie last night and after sometime I got the notice of unmounted SD card I was totally shocked because my card was mounted in My mobile but it was not showing anything .it was not shown in another mobiles as well as pc.Despite from this my Card is not broken. I shall very thankful to...
  56. P

    nokia 1020 lost

    nokia mobile lost today any idea to find i have imei number also
  57. L

    unblocking nokia lumia 650

    Hello please help me at unlock my Nokia Lumia 650 whose IMEI is: 355126078304973. the phone comes from Switzerland. thank you in advance.
  58. O

    Which one should I get : Blackberry Bold 9900 or Nokia 6 ??

    Hi all, I'm planning to get a new phone the next days. After days of research, I was able to narrow my options down to RIM's bold 9900 and the Nokia 6 (Android 7.1.1/ 5.5" 1080p). The thing is I'm not a huge social media consumer, I only have a facebook account, No Instagram, No Snap chat, and...