Which one should I get : Blackberry Bold 9900 or Nokia 6 ??

Dec 27, 2017
Hi all, I'm planning to get a new phone the next days. After days of research, I was able to narrow my options down to RIM's bold 9900 and the Nokia 6 (Android 7.1.1/ 5.5" 1080p). The thing is I'm not a huge social media consumer, I only have a facebook account, No Instagram, No Snap chat, and not even whatsapp. I mainly want the phone for calls, and some webbrowsing here and there every once in a while. The Nokia though is very appealing with its design and brand name, but I won't really be taking full advantage of its features. I'm so confused now because I can get the Bold 9900 for $65 (great deal) vs a $290 for the nokia. any input is appreciated.
Thanks in advance !!


Not sure why you are looking at those phones, it's like looking to get a TV and picking a 1950 black and white RCA model. Both brands are pretty much dead for new devices and you are not likely to get good support for any updates or issues. There are about 200 better options, anything from the standard Samsung S models, LG G models, even the lesser stuff like Huawei. While the phones are pretty expensive you can find many used last or two gen old modes that are still very good for $150-$300, and the cheaper less known Chinese brands are new about that.