Question which iphone should I get? 15 or 15 pro

Feb 17, 2024
Hey everyone,

I'm seeking advice on whether to go for the standard iPhone 15 or the iPhone 15 Pro. I'm upgrading from an iPhone 11, so it's definitely time for an upgrade regardless. While I wouldn't classify myself as a heavy user, I do find myself spending a fair amount of time on my phone, and occasionally play a game to pass the time. I like taking photos, and while I appreciate quality, I wouldn't consider myself a professional photographer, so I might not notice small differences in image quality.

Both phones appeal to me aesthetically, and I'm particularly drawn to the 120Hz display. I'm accustomed to monitors with refresh rates of 140Hz or higher, so the smoothness of a higher refresh rate appeals to me. However, I'm unsure if this alone justifies the extra cost.

What's most important to me is the future-proofing of the phone. I have a hunch that the iPhone 15 Pro might be more future-proof due to its A17 chip and 8GB of RAM, which could accommodate larger updates down the line.

So, which one would you recommend, and why? Also, do you think 128GB of storage would be sufficient for my needs? I don't constantly take pictures or videos, but I want enough space to comfortably store my data.
Thanks in advance